The last time I used Windows was around 2009, and I switched to (Debian) Linux. I’m not going to use a system that doesn’t have a package manager to do updates. I’m done with clicking Download Update, Next, Next, Next, OK, Yes add to start menu, Yes, do automatic udpate CHECKS, Next, Ok every time you open an application after a day.

apt, or brew it is.

Using macOS since 2014. They still haven’t introduced a notification that warns you if your battery runs out. It just switches off. They keep pushing their services (iCloud, TV, etc.) more and more and I’m going to install Linux on my notebook if they autoselect to sync all apps and settings with iCloud after the next major update again. Haven’t switched to Linux on my macBook, because I prefer working a working Standby, Wake from Sleep, and 3D acceleration with an NVidia Card. Cuda doesn’t work, bEcAUse oF APpLE.


This is a list of tools I use within my projects. I use open source tools as much as I can, because this is the only way I have a guarantee it will work on my hardware at any time in the future. This way I can also avoid the trend of vendors turning everything into a 20$ subscription a month. You know, just to import photos by date.

The input/output file formats are the ones that I usually use. The tools can do a lot more.


Name Website Category Comments
KiCad kicad-pcb.org PCB Design Output:.kicad_pcb, .wrl
Blender blender.org 3D Editor Input: .stl,.obj, .wrl
Output: .blend,.stl or .obj
PrusaSlic3r prusa3d.com Slicer Input: .stl or .obj, Output: .gcode
Gimp gimp.org Image Editor Output: .png,.jpg,…
VisualStudioCode code.visualstudio.com IDE My IDE for all source code. Yes, all.
PlatformIO platformio.org Tool Toolchain for embedded development (STM8, ESP8266, Atmega, …)
Arduino arduino.cc Framework I use the Aruino Framework a lot. I avoid the Arduino code editor. It’s not an IDE.
iTerm2 iterm2.com Terminal I prefer terminals over UIs.
git git-scm.com Versioning I use the git cli. Much simpler than any UI.
Jekyll jekyllrb.com Tool Generate this website from Markdown

Not OpenSource

The following is a list of tools I use, that I found really practical.

Name Website Category Comment
Skanect skanect.occipital.com 3D scanner I use this with a Kinext 360
Export: .obj