The Visual Blender Cheatsheet

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Cheatsheets are always helpful. In case of Blender it helps to see what a shortcut does.


Get Blender from

Once you start Blender you will be greeted with a dialog that looks as follows:

Description Preview
My personal setup is to
set Shortcuts to Blender (default) and
set Select With to Left (default) and
set Spacebar to Search

Whenever you forget the short to an operation, hit Space and search for it. The results show the short cuts.


Keys Description Preview
πŸ–±-M Rotate view port
or Num 1,Num 3, Num 7
Rotate to X/Y/Z-View
Shift+πŸ–±-M Pan view port
or πŸ–±-Scroll
Zoom in/out


Keys Description Preview
Tab Toggle Object/Edit/… mode
Z + 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 Switch Wireframe/Solid/Material/… mode Β 

Selection (Object Mode)

Keys Description Preview
πŸ–±-L Select Object
Shift+ πŸ–±-L Select multiple Objects
A Select all
or Alt+ A
Select none
Ctrl + I Invert selection
πŸ–±-L-drag Box select
C thenπŸ–±-L-drag Circle select
(πŸ–±-Scroll to resize)

Selection (Edit Mode)

Keys Description Preview
1,2,3 Switch between Vertice/Edge/Face selection
Hint: Use Shift to combine multiple:
Shift + πŸ–±-L Select multiple Vertices/Edges/Faces
Ctrl + πŸ–±-L Select multiple Vertices/Edges/Faces alone (one) shortest path
Alt + πŸ–±-L Select Edge Loop
Hint: Hold Shift to select multiple loops

Manipulation (Edit Mode)

Keys Description Preview
G + πŸ–± Grab Vertice/Edge/Face and move it
in the visual plane.
Hint: Esc to cancel, Enter to confirm.
then X or Y or Z
Grab Vertice/Edge/Face and
move it along the axis
then X or Y or Z
then a number e.g. 1.5
Grab Vertice/Edge/Face and
move it along the axis
for a given amount
Hint: use minus to change direction

then G
then X or Y or Z
Grab Vertice/Edge/Face and
move it along the normal axis
Hint: default is global
S + πŸ–± Resize selected
S + πŸ–±
then X or Y or Z
Resize constrained to axis
S + πŸ–±
then Shift + X or Y or Z
Resize constrained to inverted axis
then a number e.g. 5.5
Resize by given amount
Hint: can be constrained to axis like above
X + Β  Delete/Dissolve Vertice(s)/Edge(s)/Face(s)/…
E Extrude Β 
Shift + A Add mesh/object/…
Hint: the object will appear with it’s origin at the 3D Cursor
Ctrl + R` Loop Cut
Hint: use πŸ–±-Scroll for multiple cuts or
enter the number of cuts
(Shift + )Ctrl + R Bevel edges (or vertices)
Hint: πŸ–±-Scroll to change roundness


The modifiers are found in the object properties (usually on the right hand side in the default view). These are great ways to clone/automate apply modifications to an object without having to do these manually.

Keys Description Preview
Mirror modifier
Solidify modifier
Hint: Offset sets the location
of solidification:
-1/1 for inner/outer; 0 for middled.
Even Thickness ensures
90 degree angles
Bevel modifier
Hint: Set Limit Method to Weight
and edit the edge Bevel Weights in the
Item properties
Subdivision modifier
Hint: Use the Crease item properties to adjust
the level of rounding
AND: don’t go above 7 subdivision ;)
Boolean modifier
You can use this modifier to
subtract/add/cut objects from each other.
Ideal for screw holes!
Hint: press H to hide an object.

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